C & M Personal Gifts Stemless Wine Glass – Beautiful Peacock Printed Red Wine Glass Made from Lead-Free Quality Crystal Material for Men and Women – Made in USA – 17 Oz


C & M Peacock Printed Wine Glass - Ideal Gift for Female WIne Lovers


The C & M Personal Gifts stemless wine glasses are made from the finest quality crystal material with magnificent craftsmanship which depicts elegance through sophistication. These are proudly crafted and produced in Europe while the laser etching procedure is done in the USA.


To bring you something truly special and the most perfect visual effect, we chose extra crystal-clear glass with a combination of laser engraved beautiful peacock design. This spill-proof wine glass can be used to hold any drink, wine, cocktail, champagne, sangria, or juice. This crystal wine glass perfectly combines the commonly used wine glass and exquisite design. It truly becomes a product which is suitable as a gift to people such as women, best friends, lovers, colleagues, your families, etc. Add a touch of vitality to your barware collection, drinkware set, or table setting, which also can enrich your daily life.


Special Features

  • Can hold up to 17 oz of drinks
  • Solid base for easy to hold.
  • Transparent wide bowl for the fullest appreciation of the color
  • Dishwasher safe


  • BEAUTIFUL PEACOCK WINE GLASS: All the wine glasses from C & M Personal Gifts are designed with a classic yet modern look that will enhance any occasion. This wine drinking glass is engraved with a beautiful peacock that looks eye-catching and elegant. Suitable for a female wine lover. Enjoy your drinking experience in this classic modern glass.


  • ENOUGH STABILITY TO HOLD YOUR DRINK: This white wine glass holds up to 17 ounces of any delicious drink. It comes with a flat and wide bottom that provides stable base than any other traditional wine glass and effectively avoids spills and sloshes while having your favorite cocktail in it. The round wine glass is versatile and can be used as a water glass, cocktail glass, juice glass, whiskey glass, beer glass, champagne glass, and more.


  • WE PRODUCE QUALITY CRYSTAL GLASSES: This cocktail glass is crafted to last longer with a broad base and premium quality material. Our stemless glass is made from lead-free crystal glass and the design is printed using laser engraved technology that will not peel, crack, or fade easily even after using on regular basis.


  • VERSATILE AND PERFECT FOR GIFTING: Not just drinks, this fancy wine glass can hold even candies, pearls, or any other things you think are beautiful, as decorations for your room. You can also gift this modern wine glass to your girlfriend, mom, or any female as a gift to cheer them up.


  • CARING INSTRUCTIONS: These transparent glasses are made using durable material with a laser engraved design so, you do not have to worry about any crack, breakage, or damage. The material and printing are completely dishwasher safe. After every use, wash it by hand using the dishwasher on regular basis or occasionally as per your choice.